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Who is Global Water Group?

is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art:

equipment for municipalities, military, disaster relief agencies, industry, remote villages, homes and new residential and industrial developments.

Since 1990, Global has specialized in mobile, self-contained and fixed base water purification systems for disaster relief and military use.  Global units have been deployed on five continents, including Kurdish refugee camps during Desert Storm, Rwanda, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, the Philippines and Iraq. Global's systems have been distributed to over 16 African nations during project ACRI under President Clinton and currently with Project ACOTA under President George W. Bush.
Global's systems have provided pure drinking water immediately after hurricanes Andrew, Iniki, Opal, Fran, Georges and Mitch, the floods in Mexico, the earthquakes in Turkey, Japan and the U.S., the recent tsunamis in SE Asia and many other natural disasters.

In 1997 Global acquired its Wastewater Division which has over thirty years of experience and over 5,000 extended aeration systems deployed in twenty-two countries.

Global systems have been proven in industrial use, for recycling, for cleaner processing, for healthful wastewater effluent and for providing safe drinking water for employees in higher risk areas. Similarly, Global systems have provided clean, safe water for home use since 1991.


Global's water purification systems turn "bad" drinking water into "good" drinking water: from a single faucet to an entire municipality. These systems are the easiest to operate, easiest to maintain and are the most cost efficient.

Global's standard production equipment have varying power alternatives: all a/c electrical power sources, with many capable of running on d/c with solar options, as well as hand or foot pumps, shore pressure or gravity feed.

All of Global's equipment are designed on a modular concept for both optimum processing efficiency and easy modification of system sizes. One modular system can process from 500 GPD to 500,000 gallons per day. Platform systems can be sized up to the tens of millions of gallons per day.


Global is offering two types of systems for koshering water for your home sink(s).

One unit is a counter-top style that can process .7 gallons per minute (42 gallons per hour); it is simple to install; and while it is the highest quality system on the market, it is the most economical water purifier on the market.

The other unit is a below-the-counter model that attaches directly to your cold water line and can purify water up to 3 gallons per minute (180 gallons per hour).

Also, Global makes systems for entire households.


8601 Sovereign Row / Dallas, Texas USA 75247 / Tel: 214-678-9866 / Fax: 214-678-9811 / e-mail: