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Getting clean water is not really rocket science.
There are three basic areas that have to be cleaned to get good, pure water.

  • First: You've got to remove the parasites.

  • Second: You've got to get rid of the hazardous chemicals, including hazardous metals such as lead and mercury; insecticides, pesticides, radon, chlorine, etc. In this process you also get rid of bad taste and odor.

  • Third: You need to kill the bacteria and viruses.

    1. Removing parasites is the real problem with possible contaminants for making water "kosher."

    The biggest problem seems to be "copepods" which can be disease carrying parasites and they are visible to the eye.

    Copepods are generally 30 to 50 microns in size and can be cleansed by a filter that removes any objects of that size. Unfortunately, there are other parasites that are below that size, which are not visible to the naked eye, but are much more dangerous to our health. Two of those parasites are Giardia and Cryptosporidium ("Crypto"). Crypto is present in over 88% of the source waters in the U.S. It causes a flu-like symptom and while it passes through most healthy people without harm it attacks a weak immune system. If you have an impaired immune system; if you are sick; often the aged and the young can be susceptible to illness from crypto. Cryptosporidium can cause death.

    To remove Giardia and Cryptosporidium you must filter to one (1) micron.

    At one micron you remove those parasitic cysts,
    including "copepods." Unfortunately, most municipal systems don't remove the parasites, and probably can't. If they filtered down to one micron their systems would slow to a crawl and not provide the water we consume. In fact, the recent Safe Drinking Water Act removed the requirement for eliminating Cryptosporidium because it would cause almost all of the municipal systems to fail the Act. Any system that does not filter to 1-Micron leaves the consumer in danger. Global's system will filter to 1-Micron.

    2. To reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals below US-EPA or International-EPA standards.

    Global Water Group uses a proprietary formula of multi-media that grab and hold those elements. Most municipal systems use various sand filtration and flocculation methods. Most water filtering systems use activated carbon; some use another media in combination. Carbon only goes so far in reducing hazards. Carbon is great for removing chlorine, bad taste and odor... and that is what sells most consumers. No one has the formulation that Global created over fifteen years ago that far exceeds those EPA standards.

    3. To kill bacteria and viruses municipal systems use chlorine.

    Chlorine kills most bacteria and viruses when dosed heavy enough and it puts most in a holding state if it doesn't kill them. Quite often you can smell and taste the over-chlorination by municipal systems to accomplish this, making water sometimes undrinkable. Unfortunately, the World Health Organization for years has been telling the world to STOP using chlorine. While chlorine has benefits for killing viruses and bacteria, in water that is not really cleaned, chlorine creates carcinogens. For municipal system we don't need to kill bacteria and viruses, we actually now want to remove the chlorine before we drink the water. Step two above, the removal of hazardous chemicals, will do just that.



8601 Sovereign Row / Dallas, Texas USA 75247 / Tel: 214-678-9866 / Fax: 214-678-9811 / e-mail: