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Global's "Kosher Water" Under the Counter Water Purification System and Cost

GLOBAL'S UNDER THE SINK "KOSHER WATER PURIFIER" for use with municipal water systems in the HOME, SCHOOLS or INDUSTRY

Up To 3 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate.

Global Model LS3-UC-1P-3GPM

One 10-inch "Big Blue" housing with a Global Water 1-Micron filter for removal of parasites (like Giardia & Cryptosporidium), as well as for silt or other flakey material which is greater than 1-micron in size (i.e.: flaking from pipes) and formulated for the removal of hazardous chemicals including lead and chlorine.


  • Up to 3 GPM Flow Rate
  • Up to 7,500 Gallons Total Flow
  • Parasite Removal
  • Hazardous Chemical Removal


  1. Under the sink, turn off the cold water connection and disconnect the cold water hose/pipe to the cold water faucet.
  2. On the top of the purification unit, on each end, there is a label: either INLET or OUTLET.
  3. Attach the cold water hose/pipe to the INLET side. Be sure to use the proper size fittings and secure tightly. THESE ARE 1/2" (half inch) CONNECTIONS.
  4. Attach another pipe/hose connection from the OUTLET connection to the cold water faucet under the sink.
  5. Turn the cold water back on.


Based upon normal flow rates for a typical sink, these filters should last at least three (3) years.

If, however, there is extensive pipe flaking, silt or other impediments in the water, the filter might clog quicker and need to be replaced earlier. You will know this because the flow rate out of the faucet will slow down. While the flow is slower, the quality of the output should not be affected.


Turn the cold water flow (under the counter) off before changing the filters. Using the plastic "SPANNER WRENCH" which is included, you twist the housing counter-clockwise, take it off, remove the old filter (and dispose of it) and replace with a new filter. Sometimes turning a housing which has been in use for some time can take a little effort, but they do come off. To avoid any leaking, be sure to secure them tightly when putting back. Sometimes, it is more prudent to also disconnect the water line attachments to the unit before changing the filters. The whole process takes only a matter of minutes.


The metal frame housing sits best on the floor.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This unit is designed for use in MUNICIPAL systems where they have killed bacteria and viruses with chlorine. Where chlorine or other bacteria killers have not been used, a different filter model is needed.

NOTE: When first using the system, be sure to let the water flow for five to ten minutes before drinking to remove "carbon fines". Then during the first few hours of use, do not be alarmed by the "white milky" look which clears up as the water sits. That is only the 1-micron air bubbles as the filters are being purged of air.



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